The Top 5 Services Every Artist Needs to Have on Speed Dial

The life of an artist isn’t easy, with promotional tours, gallery exhibits and travels here and there, and yes, having to deal with the critics but ensuring your creative juices continue to flow. As hectic as it is, you also have to deal with emergencies every now and then, but if you have the following in your speed dial things will be a lot easier.

  1. Supply Delivery Service

After setting up your speed dial add your artist supply service number. The last thing you need when working is to find out the canvas isn’t the right texture or the paints are not the proper hues, so have the company on speed dial and get a replacement if necessary.

  1. Studio Designer

As your career takes off, you’ll need more room in your studio, or perhaps have it totally overhauled. If you’re having trouble getting your new tools to fit in or just want to give the place a new look, get in touch with your studio designer and give it a makeover.

  1. Police

The police should be on everyone’s speed dial. Nobody wants to think about getting burglarized, but in this day and age you can’t be too sure. Whether you’re painting at home or have a personal studio, it is imperative you have 911 on your speed dial in case there’s an emergency or someone tries to steal one of your artworks.

  1. Art Gallery Manager

This one doesn’t need a lot of explaining, really. Your manager is in charge of promoting your work, knows your schedules, where you’re supposed to go today, where your next art exhibit will be held, and so on and so forth. Simply put, your manager is your lifeline to the art industry and it’s important you’re always in close contact with them.

  1. Electrician and Plumbertoronto electrician

This might seem unusual, but it’s essential you have a Toronto plumber / electrician in your speed dial. If you’re a digital artist, you’ll need a quality electrician in Toronto to make sure that all the cables to your computer, printer and scanner are in working order.

People usually don’t think about plumbers until something goes wrong with the sink or bathroom, and then they frantically look for one. To avoid this situation, find a good plumber now and get him on your speed dial so in case something goes wrong, just call and have him take care of it while you go about your work.

Is Toronto Too Expensive for Artists?

Toronto, Canada markets itself as a home for artists. True enough, there are a number of galleries located in the city housing beautiful pieces of art. With notable contemporary galleries, such as The Power Plant and MOCCA, artists believe that Toronto is a great place to start their careers.

What they don’t know, however, is the cost of living in the city. Some may argue that Toronto caters to the artists, hence providing them with opportunities to be successful. However, the cost of everyday living might be too much before you can even taste fame and glory.

The Power Plant Toronto

The Power Plant Toronto

The Expensive Life of Toronto

Living in Toronto, for artists, might be expensive. The average rent per month for a 1 bedroom apartment can be C$1,500. The average cost of eating at an inexpensive restaurant amounts to C$ 12. Basic utilities can reach up to an average of C$170. For a monthly average salary of C$3,400, this might not be so bad.

As an artist, this basic salary might not be enough. The cost of living in Toronto would consist mostly of the monthly average rent for a gallery of $41 per square foot. To have a decent gallery, you need a medium-large space to house your art work. These costs might be too much for an artist who is still establishing himself in Toronto.

The Saving Grace of Artists in Toronto

Though the average monthly cost for maintaining a gallery may be high, the NPO Artscape found a solution to help striving artists. The Artscape Youngplace  is a place where young and budding artists can find a gallery for almost half below the area rates. This gives artists a breathing room in terms of finance to excel in their dream.

The Artsscape Youngplace

Also, a number of art fairs and exhibits are featured regularly at Toronto. This is an opportunity for artists to show their work to possible dealers and maybe able to sell their artworks. Recently, the Featured Art Fair was opened which is a “curated art fair”. It is a small art fair catering to contemporary artworks.

So, is Toronto expensive for artists? Yes and no. The cost of living can take its toll especially for new artists. However, there are a number of opportunities for artists to make it big in the city due to a number of artist-friendly neighborhoods and NPOs like Artscape to assist them.